I study Computer Science at Université de Montréal and work at IRIC under François Major. You might want to sneak a peek at my curiculum vitae (beware, it’s in french).

This blog essentially treat of Web development, Vala programming for GNOME and some day-to-day tools for academics.

Although I started with the Kohana framework and Flask, my work quickly dwelved into Vala, where I try to create an ecosystem of libraries to support modern Web development. You can read more about all this under the Valum category.

I am also a passionate of free software (like in free beer!). Most of my work is licensed under the LGPLv3.

If you would like to reach me, I have an email address which can be accessed in the left column. If you have to send sensitive information, you may use GnuPG along with my public key which id is B1AD6EA5 and fingerprint as follow:

6062 E0F8 E73B CBF1 DB85  8003 1CCF C3A2 B1AD 6EA5

My username is a slight modification of the goddess of hunt, Artemis.