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Kohana Makefile

I have just released my sample Kohana Makefile. It has useful recipes for minification, testing, setting permissions and SELinux contexts.

Clone it

git clone https://gist.github.com/4a162dd185ac0e4f781e.git

Or wget it

wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/arteymix/4a162dd185ac0e4f781e/raw/5f744b0e157a03e330e2512af852005c8c51d594/Makefile

It has a recipe for installing Kohana files like index.php and application/bootstrap.php

make install

It runs PHPUnit

make test

Or minify your resources

make minify

It is fully configurable, so if you use a different css minifier, you may edit the file like you need it.

My goal is to provide every Kohana developer with a good Makefile to automate frequent tasks when using the framework. I will eventually propose it in the sample Kohana application.

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