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Starting a Consulting Company

Here we go. I just registered my new venture, a sole proprietorship named “Guillaume Poirier-Morency Consulting Co.”. It will focus on providing consulting services in my areas of expertise such as computer science, programming, bioinformatics, and statistical modelling.

I have a few core ideas:

  • Apply my expertise to help out people make the most out of computer science in their projects. That could range from better understanding and explaining the challenges underlying their scientific questions to building working prototypes and solutions.
  • Use cloud services to power solutions and avoid as much as possible the burdens of maintenance.
  • Provide solutions for customers and release as much as possible under free software licenses.
  • Use free software for business operations (i.e. GNU Cash, LibreOffice, etc.).

It’s also important for me to avoid competing interests with my work and make sure that I preserve an overall sane work-life balance. To that end, I will pick projects carefully.

I might also deviate a bit into uncharted territories such as personal income tax. I’ve been helping friends and family members recently with their tax returns, and I know a fair bit about the available deductions, credits, etc. to help out people.

No logo, graphics, or website yet. Just an idea. That’s it.

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