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First week update! 04/05/15 to 08/05/15 in Valum

As part of the first week, I have to produce an initial document describing what I will be working on during the semester. Once it’s written down, I will post it on this blog.

I have already a good idea of what I would like to work on:

  • finish VSGI specification
  • second alpha release & feedback from communities
  • SCGI implementation
  • mustache implementation for GLib
  • more tests and awesomeness

The first alpha release is already 4 years old and this one bring such radical changes that we’re almost starting over. Therefore, a second alpha release will permit us to tease the targeted audience and obtain recommendations to build the very best framework.

SCGI is a very simple protocol to communicate HTTP messages over streams. It will take a real advantage of the GIO stream API and I am sure this could become an efficient way to serve web application in production.

Mustache (or any templating engine) is essential if we want to bring Valum outside the web service development. I plan to provide a GLib implementation so that it can be used anywhere. CTPL will remain the default templating engine for its simplicity and convenience as it covers quite well simple UI requirements.

Testing is part of any sane software development process. I will focus on providing quality software that does not break easily.

Subsequent weeks will contain more sustained posts that will describe what have been done, so stay put!

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