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Third week update! 11/05/15 to 22/05/15 in Valum

In the past two weeks, I’ve been working on the roadmap for the 0.1.0-alpha release.


gcov has been fully integrated to measure code coverage with cpp-coveralls. gcov works by injecting code during the compilation with gcc.

You can see the coverage on coveralls.io, it’s updated automatically during the CI build.

Current master branch coverage: Coverage Status

The inconvenient is that since coveralls measures coverage from C sources using valac generated C code, it is not possible to identify which regions are covered in Vala. However, it is still possible to identify these regions in the generated code.

Asynchronous handling of requests

I changed the request handling model to be fully asynchronous. VSGI.Application handler have become an async function, which means that every user request will be processed concurrently as the server can immediatly accept a new request.

Merged glib-application-integration in the trunk

The branch was sufficiently mature to be merged in the trunk. I will only work on coverage and minor improvements until I reach the second alpha release.

It brings many improvements:

  • VSGI.Server inherit from GLib.Application, providing enhancements described in the Roadmap for 0.1.0-alpha
  • setup and teardown in the Router for pre and post processing of requests
  • user documentation improvments (Sphinx + general rewrites)
  • optional features based on gio-2.0 and libsoup-2.4 versions

0.1.0-alpha released!

I have released a 0.1.0-alpha version. For more information, you can read the release notes on GitHub, download it and try it out!

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