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0.1.4-alpha released! in Valum

I am happy to announce the release of a 0.1.4-alpha version of Valum web micro-framework that bring minor improvments and complete CLI options for VSGI.Soup.


The cookies were moved from VSGI to Valum since it’s only an abstraction over request and response headers. VSGI aims to be a minimal protocol and should provide just enough abstraction for the HTTP stack.

CLI options for VSGI.Soup

This is quite of a change and brings a wide range of new possibilities with the libsoup-2.4 implementation. It pretty much exposes Soup.Server capabilities through CLI arguments.

In short, it is now possible to:

  • listen to IPv4 or IPv6 only
  • listen from a file descriptor
  • liste from all network interfaces (instead of locally) with --all
  • enable HTTPS and specify a certificate and a key
  • set the Server header with --server-header
  • prevent Request-URI from being url-decoded with --raw-paths

The implementation used to listen from all interfaces, but this is not a desired behiaviour. The --all flag will let the server listen on all interfaces.

The behiaviour for --timeout has been fixed and now relies on the presence of the flag to enable a timeout instead of a non-zero value. This brings the possibility to set a timeout of value of 0.

There is some potential work for supporting arbitrary socket, but it would require a new dependency gio-unix that would only support UNIX-like systems.

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