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Writting bindings for libmemcached in Valum

In the past day, I have been working on writting bindings for libmemcached so that I can use it on my project assignment.

I bound the error.h, server.h, server_list.h, storage.h, touch.h and quit.h headers.

It is now possible, from Vala, to do the following operations:

  • querying the server about the last error
  • add a server from tcp, udp, UNIX socket with an optional weight
  • parsing servers list
  • store values with operations like set, add, replace, append and prepend
  • touch entries to update their expiration timestamp
  • quit the memcached server connection
  • interacting with an instance

I plan to write the complete binding to dig a little more the language. The hardest part still remain, but it should be done neatly.

  • the asynchronous result API with mget and fetch_result
  • various callbacks
  • SASL and other external dependencies

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