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Just reached 6.3k req/sec in Valum

I often profile Valum’s performance with wrk to ensure that no regression hit the stable release.

It helped me identifying a couple of mistakes n various implementations.

Anyway, I’m glad to announce that I have reached 6.3k req/sec on small payload, all relative to my very lowgrade Acer C720.

The improvements are available in the 0.2.14 release.

  • wrk with 2 threads and 256 connections running for one minute
  • Lighttpd spawning 4 SCGI instances

Build Valum with examples and run the SCGI sample:

./waf configure build --enable-examples
lighttpd -D -f examples/scgi/lighttpd.conf

Start wrk

wrk -c 256


Running 1m test @
  2 threads and 256 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency    40.26ms   11.38ms 152.48ms   71.01%
    Req/Sec     3.20k   366.11     4.47k    73.67%
  381906 requests in 1.00m, 54.31MB read
Requests/sec:   6360.45
Transfer/sec:      0.90MB

There’s still a few things to get done:

  • hanging connections benchmark
  • throughput benchmark
  • logarithmic routing #144

The trunk buffers SCGI requests asynchronously, which should improve the concurrency with blocking clients.

Lighttpd is not really suited for throughput because it buffers the whole response. Sending a lot of data is problematic and use up a lot of memory.

Valum is designed with streaming in mind, so it has a very low (if not neglectable) memory trace.

I reached 6.5k req/sec, but since I could not reliably reproduce it, I prefered posting these results.

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