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Starting a Consulting Company

Here we go. I just registered my new venture, a sole proprietorship named “Guillaume Poirier-Morency Consulting Co.”. It will focus on providing consulting services in my areas of expertise such as computer science, programming, bioinformatics, and statistical modelling.

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Zero-copy FASTA Parser

Where I work, we deal often deal with large datasets from which we copy the relevant entries into the program memory. However, doing so typically incurs a very large usage of memory, which could leads to memory-bound parallelism if multiple instances are launched.

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Announcing Valum 0.3 in Valum

The first release candidate for Valum 0.3 has been launched today!

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What is Meson?

I have discovered Meson a couple of years back and since then use it for most of my projects written in Vala. This post is an attempt at describing the good, bad and ugly of the build system.

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Fork! in Valum

Ever heard of fork?

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Basepath in Valum

I have recently introduced a basepath middleware and I thought it would be relevant to describe it further.

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Progress Update in Valum

My up key stopped working, so I’m kind of forced into vim motions.

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Quick Update in Valum

I couldn’t touch the framework much these last days due to my busy schedule, so I just wanted to write a few words.

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Sixteenth Week Update in Valum

This last weekly update marks the final release of valum-0.2 and a couple of things happened since the last beta release:

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Fourteenth Week Update in Valum

The 0.2.0-beta has been released with multiple improvements and features that were described in the preceeding update. It can be downloaded from GitHub as usual or installed from the Docker image.

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Shipping Valum on Docker in Valum

It’s now official, we have a Docker container that provides the framework and let you deploy an application easily.

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Writting bindings for libmemcached in Valum

In the past day, I have been working on writting bindings for libmemcached so that I can use it on my project assignment.

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Toward a first release in Valum

I’m working on the beta release that should bring minor improvements and more definitive APIs.

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Release for tomorrow! in Valum

Tomorrow, I will be releasing the first version of the 0.2 serie of Valum web micro-framework.

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0.1.4-alpha released! in Valum

I am happy to announce the release of a 0.1.4-alpha version of Valum web micro-framework that bring minor improvments and complete CLI options for VSGI.Soup.

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Rebasing Valum in Valum

In order to keep a clean history of changes, we use a rebasing model for the development of Valum.

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Roadmap for 0.1.0-alpha in Valum

0.0.1 is far behind what will be introduced in 0.1.0-alpha. This release will bring new features and API improvements.

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First week update! 04/05/15 to 08/05/15 in Valum

As part of the first week, I have to produce an initial document describing what I will be working on during the semester. Once it’s written down, I will post it on this blog.

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Just discovered.. zsh!

I never thought I would find zsh actually that great. I feel like I’ve been missing a nice prompt since ages.

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Using ghdl instead of Quartus II

ghdl is a great tool to prototype hardware quickly. It can be combined with gtkwave to analyze signals.

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Doing WearHacks!

This week-end, I’ll be participating to WearHacks which occurs in my hometown Montreal. You can find out more here.

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How the website actually look like.

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Implementing Kohana Fragment as a Twig extension

I like the Kohana framework, but it’s really missing a decent View engine. Sure, PHP-written views are nicely implemented, but that does not just get the job done on sufficiently big project.

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